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At Sprinkler Repair Company we install new top of the line sprinkler systems that will save you time, money, and water. Our team will create an irrigation layout that will promote a green, healthy lawn while conserving water. For commercial and residential systems we use Hunter and Rain Bird products because of their outstanding quality. We do not cut corners and for that, we are not always the cheapest, but we offer a quality system that will last you for years to come.

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Our irrigation technicians repair and maintain irrigation systems for homes and businesses. We provide prompt service at affordable prices and use the highest-quality equipment and products to ensure your lawn stays healthy and flourishing.  We will always be courteous and respectful while we are on your property.

Sprinkler Repair Company offers a thorough maintenance program that can be one time, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. 

The idea behind our maintenance and repair program is:

  • To check a system that isn't properly function for issues

  • Maintain a system and avoid costly future repairs

  • Avoid high utility bills for large water consumption


Once our team of professionals has gone through your system they will go over any issues they have found and cost of repairs. We can move forward with the repairs at that time or schedule them out for another date and time.

Water Sprinkler

Monthly Maintenance

A Sprinkler Repair Company maintenance check includes the following:

  • Inspect for broken, clogged and leaking sprinkler heads

  • Ensure valves are functioning properly

  • Make sure that your system is getting head to head water coverage

  • Inspect for busted or leaking pipes

  • Check irrigation controller settings

  • Check for any other underlying issues that could cause major issues in the future

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